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Florida has many Storms and is one most Lightening hit area in the World. We can have in one Thunderstorm 3-500 Lightening hits. It is very common to lose power and breakers trip. It is very important that A/C is restored.

Why Do I Need A Home Watch Service?

Whether you're at your primary residence or away on vacation you can feel secure that your Home is being Professionally watched. It is nice that a neighbor has offered to watch your Home, but who watches your Home when your neighbor is away? Do you really want putting responsibility on your neighbor? We are a Home Watch Business and serious about what we do, we Professionally Watch your Home.

How Do I Know You Inspected My Home?

We have an Dated Inspection Form we will send you via e-mail, fax, or general mail. We can also call you from your Home's land line to verify.

What Type OF Guarantees Do I Have?

Our services are visual observations and reporting, we can not guarantee the condition and safety of your Home. There are unforeseen circumstances that can occur after an inspection. What we offer are inspections of your Home do decrease the chances of serious problems or to report any damage from storms or intrusions. We do however, reset any equipment that was shut down from a breaker down or from a power outage. We also offer arranging other contractor services that the contractor would be resonsible for.

Are You Insured?

Yes, we are Insured, Licenced and Bonded.

How Often Should MY Home Be Inspected?

The most common plans are for once a week. We offer 4 times a month, 3 times a month, twice a month and once a month plans.

Do You Have Other Services?

Yes. We can offer an array of services catering to your needs. Please check our additional services page for more information. If there is something that is not listed, please call for pricing if available.